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AMD Logo Instruments

Our three very simply decorated models signed with the Logo “AMD” combine a high musical level and excellent touch with a very competitive price. All offer transposing keyboards without the loss of the top d''' at A440. We refuse to use plywood or MDF, or to spray paint even these inexpensive instruments. Please note all these instruments are now available in a choice of five colors: We no longer offer the varnished finish.

French harpsichord 17th-century school, 56+1 note transposing (GG– d'''), 1x8´ (second 8´ optional).

AMD Logo French Single Harpsichord 27K jpeg

French harpsichord, 17th-century school

Spinet, Delin school, 56+1 notes.

AMD Delin Spinet 41K jpeg

Delin School spinet

Petit Clavecin, 56+1 notes.

AMD Petit Clavecin 30K jpeg

Petit Clavecin

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