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Atelier Marc Ducornet Instruments

The Atelier Marc Ducornet instruments are only produced upon demand, and combine a very high musical quality and excellent touch at a reasonable price. They have been selected by many harpsichordists, conservatories and orchestras in France and around the world and are constantly played in concert, on recordings etc.

We offer these instruments with simple finishes (brush-painted with one or two colors) using modern materials and techniques. Wooden jacks are standard, but simplified on some instruments.

The stands, music desks and various other details have been also simplified.

Various options are available, and each instrument comes with a manual and several tools for tuning and maintenance.

These instruments are signed with a plaque on their wrestplank that reads “Atelier Marc Ducornet à Paris 2009”.

List of Atelier Marc Ducornet Instruments:

French Harpsichords

1 French double-manual harpsichord, Hemsch School, 61 notes.

2 French single-manual harpsichord, Blanchet School, 61 notes.

Flemish Harpsichords

3 A- Flemish double-manual harpsichord, Ruckers School, 56+1 notes.

3 B- Idem with one keyboard, disposed 2x8´ or 8´+4´.

Flemish Harpsichord 30K jpeg

Flemish Single Harpsichord, 2x8´ with traditional registers

4 Flemish single-manual harpsichord, Ruckers School, 52 notes.

Franco-Flemish Harpsichords

5 A- Double-manual harpsichord à grand ravalement, 63 notes.

Flemish Harpsichord 56K jpeg

Franco-Flemish Double Harpsichord

5 B- Idem with one keyboard, disposed 2x8´ or 2x8´+4´.

Italian Harpsichords

6 Italian harpsichord, Grimaldi School, 56+1 notes.

Italian Harpsichord, Grimaldi school 20K jpeg

Italian Harpsichord, Grimaldi school

7 Italian harpsichord, short octave/split sharps, 49 notes.

Spinets & Virginals

8 Spinet, Silbermann School, 61 notes, in two versions:

A- : standard. B- : simplified.

Spinet, Silbermann school 12K jpeg

Spinet, Silbermann school

9 Italian virginal, 56 notes.

Italian Virginal 16K jpeg

Italian Virginal


10 Fretted clavichord, Hubert School, 51 notes.

11 Unfretted clavichord, with 5 octaves.

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