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As an instrument builder, I am not very sensitive to contact through the Internet. For those who love to touch wood and other natural materials, to hear a sound, a voice, for those whose daily life is composed of nuances, sensitivity, and—it must be confessed—subjectivity, the screen seems cold, anonymous and even arrogant by its pretension to serve everything to us at home or work.

What is more, to try to describe our own particular activity would be to limit it. Each instrument is a unique creation and we are continually researching historic and new materials, designing new models, and engaging in projects, restorations, repairs, or supplying instruments for major music festivals, concerts and recordings…

Therefore, our new website will not be as exhaustive as some. It will, however, provide you with some simple information on our instruments, presenting you with different models and some photos. I invite your enquiry.

Marc Ducornet

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